Sarah Rachul

My Instagram bio sums it up pretty well – I’m a believer in magic, baker of cookies, and the brain and belly behind Food and Whines! In the past I’ve been what some would call a “serial blogger,” starting and stopping blogs that discuss everything from fashion to travel to food. A public relations professional by trade, writing and photography are two of my passions and I’ve always been searching for the idea that would finally stick. Enter Food and Whines – a chance to share recipes I test on a weekly basis AND the opening for an everyday blog focused on so much more than just food. As for myself, when I’m not crafting recipes or debating if I should finally start a podcast, I’m usually planning my family’s next trip to Disney or organizing my closet for the 15th time that week.

What You’ll Find on Food and Whines
  • Recipes (duh) hand-crafted and tested by me
  • Restaurants reviews from all around the country and hopefully the world (ew, COVID)
  • “Whines” aka a blog talking about all things not food related
  • Anything else you want to see! If you have suggestions, drop me a note