So here it is! A new year. Many would call it a blank slate but a new year doesn’t mean your problems from the previous year magically go away. Instead, I like to look at it as the gift of time. A whole year to identify and build healthy habits for a more fulfilling life.

Of course, that actually is assumingI sit down and plan for the year which…has never happened. So this is me doing just that! And I’m putting it on my blog to hold myself accountable. The idea will be to come back to this post every quarter (every 3 months) with updates around how I’m doing with each habit I’m hoping to form and if I’ve added any new ones.

This may seem like overkill, but I’ve learned that it’s the best way to keep myself on track. Feel free to comment any habits you’re hoping to form this year to join in on the accountability train

2022 Habits

  • Complete 4-5 workouts of at least 20 minutes per week
  • Go for 1 walk of at least 20 minutes every day
  • Eat a healthy // complete lunch every work day
  • Go to bed everyday with all the dishes done and put away
  • Develop, test, and photograph 3-4 recipes per week
  • Read one book a month

January 2022 Update

Was it just me or did January feel like one of the longest months in history? For me, the month had the added bonus of being absolutely brutal at work. When I’m not developing recipes and honing my photography I work in technology PR which essentially means I do a lot of writing, spend a ton of time on the phone with clients and journalists, and send approximately 200 emails a day. This is always a big month in the PR world since so many clients take a break from media and announcements in December, they want to start the year strong in January. But does that mean i was mentally prepared for the world load this month? No, no I was not.

With all that in mind, it certainly was a challenging month to give up both alcohol and Starbucks and begin developing these new habits. I’ll be honest – there are many of these habits I did not succeed in achieving this month, but progress was made and that’s what’s most important.

My most successful category was working out – I only missed one week of hitting the minimum of 4 workouts but I still completed 3 workouts that week and that’s better than giving up entirely. I’m really excited to keep up my workout streaks in February with most of my time spent on a Peloton for a warm up spin then lifting or boxing on my Tempo Move. On the walking side of my active goals, that was a bit of a failure. Perhaps it was too ambitious to suggest walking 20 minutes every single day but when you think of the grand scheme of time spent in the 12-14 hours I’m awake, 20 minutes is nothing. I’d like to really push to hit this goal more often in February.

So did I go to bed with my dishes done and get out of bed before 6am? Sort of. Having this as a goal meant I was a lot more aware of a sink of dishes and made a bigger effort to clean and organize them. However, it didn’t always happen before I went to bed. Typically it was after my morning workout which made my mornings a bit more rushed. Still a small win but a behavior I’ll continue to adjust.

I read zero books this month haha no excuse for that. But I’m open to recommendations!

When it comes to recipe testing and photography, I do think it’s going well! The best weeks are when I can find pockets of time during the work day, which means I have more time on the weekend to spend with Reed. This is still a work in progress but I’m setting myself up to provide more regular content which is great.

I’m chalking January up as a solid foundation-setting month! I’m excited to see what I can accomplish in February.