Have you ever seen the Friends episode where Joey goes “Joey doesn’t share food!!”? It’s a classic for sure but it’s also how I approach eating out at restaurants. I’m very territorial when it comes to the plate in front of me, especially if I clearly made the best order choice at the table! This is just one of the many reasons why my friends prefer going to tapas restaurants as they can convince me to share in favor of getting to try as many dishes as possible!

When it comes to Columbus, Fireproof should be at the top of everyone’s lists for tapas eats. The whole menu is shareable and varied enough that you can find a combination of dishes to satisfy the different appetites at your table. Some of my favorites below include the crab dip, wagyu potstickers, mushrooms, cauliflower, and wagyu sliders. Fireproof is actually know for their wagyu dishes and have dubbed Wednesdays at their restaurant as “Wagyu Wednesdays” offer discounts on these specialty plates.

For anyone asking themselves ok but what is wagyu? Wagyu is the term for a specific breed of Japanese cattle with special genetic qualities. Intrigued? Check out this in depth post from the Robb Report to learn more – it’s a fascinating topic.

If Wagyu Wednesdays aren’t your thing, Fireproof also has a great happy hour every Tuesday – Friday from 4-6pm. Happy hour features $5 plates and deeply discounted drinks – check out the menu here.

Let me know in the comments your favorite dish from Fireproof or what you want to try on your first visit!