The summer before my senior year of college I decided to become vegan. It initially started as a 21-day challenge to change my habits and improve my overall health. It turned into about 6 months of living a vegan lifestyle, learning how adapt my favorite recipes and find creative ways to still eat out with my friends. That was about 5 years ago, and let me tell you…it was INCREDIBLY hard to find delicious vegan options beyond a salad at almost every single restaurant.

Fast forward to today and, while I am no longer vegan, I am still so excited by all the vegan options now available at restaurants and in the grocery store. One of my absolute favorite restaurants (vegan or otherwise – it is THAT good) is Woodhouse Vegan in Italian Village, Columbus! I’ll be honest with you, I love meat, like one ribeye steak a week and, even still, this place satisfies literally every craving I have. This is a restaurant for FOOD lovers, not just staunch vegans.

Since COVID began, Woodhouse vegan has implemented a weekly menu rotation that has certainly made my Wednesdays a lot more exciting. Every Wednesday, they reveal that week’s specials and open up for online ordering and pickup. As of recent weeks, they’ve even opened up their gorgeous back patio for those looking for some social distanced ambiance in which to enjoy their meals and drinks.

I’ve shared so of my most memorable meals above, with the number one thing I’ve ever eaten there being the “cheese” and “bacon” fries. As I mentioned, their menu does change every week but if that delicious grilled cheese and tomato soup caught your eye, that’s something you can get EVERY week!

So we’ve established all their food is bomb…but, for me, the desserts are the real star of the show here. As an avid baker myself, I am continuously impressed by the vegan desserts Woodhouse turns out each and every week. Guys, these are some of the best baked goods I’ve had in my life…period. I’ve even tried recreating some to no avail. I’ll keep practicing but you can bet those desserts will keep me coming back week after week.

If you’re looking for something vegan, something different, or just delicious food in general, place and order for Woodhouse Vegan. You. will. not. regret. it.