My love of the Market here in Columbus has been well documented on my Instagram and my blog so you might be asking yourself – really Sarah? Another post on this place? Well I’ll tell you, the chefs at the Market are SO creative and as long as their staff keeps churning out these incredible concepts I will keep writing about them! So let’s dive into the latest one: Dairy Dose.

Dairy Dose is reminiscent of the wonderful dairy stands spotted throughout the midwest and, for me, was my replacement for the fair food that was so tragically ripped from me this summer. But of course, everything is served with the culinary twist that the Market is known for. I was sold the second I saw corn dogs on the menu but corn dogs with Blackberry paw paw mustard and beer vinegar aioli?? That’s just a whole new level.

Below you’ll see my FAVORITE items from the pop up including onion petals, the aforementioned corndog, and elote, but my favorite dish are the waffles fries. These things are literal magic – MAGIC I TELL YOU. The fries are dressed up with delice whiz (an insanely creamy cheese), honey, truffle, and green onion. I’m pretty sure Reed was ready to fit to the death over who got the last bite of these.

But there’s MORE! Not only is the food incredible, but so are the specialty drinks! Their creamy crazy milkshakes all feature booze but their slushies (in my opinion) are the stars of the show. Snow cones more your thing? THEY HAVE THOSE TOO!!! These drinks are constantly changing and are so varied you can try something brand new every time you visit.

Speaking of change – now that the weather is turning, the Market is adding new fall treats to its Dairy Dose stand so keep an eye on this space as I’ll have more pictures and reviews coming!