Dessert is one of those things I love to make and I love the idea of but lately haven’t eaten much myself. I’ll go ham buying special treats at a bakery then end of never eating them. This was not the case after my recent visit to Kelsey Elizabeth Cakes in Rocky River (Ohio). But let’s start with the atmosphere in the shop. This place is so beautifully decorated and whimsical that it prompted me to turn to my mom and go “can I just move in here?” but it also reminded me of another bake shop I love: Peggy Porschen Cakes.

After some digging I found that Kelsey trained at the Peggy Porschen Cake Academy and brought that wonderful London-based whimsy and delicious desserts with her back to the US. This was such a fun fact for me as I loved visiting bakeries in London and never thought I’d find a taste of that here in Ohio. If I’m being honest…I actually enjoyed Kelsey’s desserts even more than Peggy’s!

I could rave on and on about Kelsey’s background but let’s dig into the desserts shall we? Upon walking into the store you’re greeted by a display case that spans almost an entire wall filled with gorgeous treats. The largest groups of which are Kelsey’s signature cupcakes and macarons which come is a massive variety of colors and flavors! In addition to those classics, she offers cakesicles, cookie sandwiches, edible cookie dough, and various other specialities depending on the day/month.

My mom and I selected a couple cookie sandwiches, some macarons, and a Snickers cakesicle for our bakery box. My absolute favorite treat was the funfetti cookie sandwich as the cookie was super gooey (just the way I like it) and Kelsey’s buttercream is just superb. You guys, it’s so good that it’s now my life mission to try and recreate it. The macarons were my boyfriend’s favorite, he said they were the best he’s ever had (he’s had two in his entire life). But if you want the opinion of someone who has eaten Pierre Hermé macarons in the shadow of the The Palais Garnie, I thought these were superb as well. I still prefer Pierre but honestly I don’t think anyone (not even Ladurée) could unseat him in my eyes.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you try out some of Kelsey’s sweets the next time you’re in Cleveland. It’s one of those unexpected treasures that, once you discover it, you’ll go back time and time again.