For those of you who have been following my Instagram since the beginning, you know just how big of a Market Italian Village fan girl I am. There were weeks I was going two if not three times and eating something new each and every time. I was able to do that because (pre-COVID) the market had a different theme almost every single night. My favorite? No menu Mondays.

No menu Mondays allowed head chef Tyler Minnis to craft an entirely unique menu based on what he had in the kitchen, found at local farms or markets, and his bad ass imagination. Some of my absolute favorite meals (and most of the pictures featured below) came from a no menu Monday dinner. For those of you who were also regulars, I was the girl with a glass of white wine, a kindle, and about 8 plates in front of me.

I also frequented the Market on Wednesday nights aka charcuterie nights! Charcuterie is essentially a fancy word for an artfully compiled board of cheese, meats, sauces, and various other accompaniments. Your server would provide you with a little checklist featuring the charcuterie night regulars then let you know of the specials from the night then you were left with your imagination to build away. It’s a super fun experience with friends and a couple bottles of wine.

And when it comes to the wine, at the Market you’re in luck because it’s also a bottle shop. This means they have an extensive selection and that if you like a particular wine, chances are you’ll be able to buy a take it home. My favorite unique bottle so far? The “Send Nudes” rose that I brought with my to Detroit to spend Valentine’s Day with my ex-boyfriend now best friend. But that’s a story for another time…

My conclusion is simple…go. to. the. Market. We may be living in different times right now but they are still open and doing crazy cool menu concepts on the regular so check it out.